I lived in Oman for one semester while doing an internship at the German University of Technology (GUtech).


Oman - IMG_0767.JPG

At an omani wedding (day 2). The image shows a part of a large tent in which the families of the new married couple formally eat together for the first time. We were invited to this gathering the day before, while we were at the groom's traditional celebration. The day before the tent was used for the bride's party (which tends to be a lot more westerly then the grooms's).

(taken on Nov 26, 2016)

Oman - GOPR0013.JPG

View from an old tower in a clay town. We just stopped there on our way to Nakhal and a man came to us and offered to show us around.

(taken here on Dec 10, 2016)

Oman - GOPR0017.JPG

View from the same tower as in the picture above.

(taken here on Dec 10, 2016)

Oman - GOPR0028.JPG

Nakhal fort

(taken on Dec 10, 2016)

Oman - GOPR0039.JPG

On the way to the hot spring in the south of Nakhal

(taken on Dec 10, 2016)

Oman - GOPR0056.JPG

The hot spring in the south of Nakhal. There is a small pool with natural warm water behind the man with the white shirt on the right side of the picture.

(taken on Dec 10, 2016)

Oman - GOPR0169.JPG

View from half the way up to the spring above Wakan village. It is a very nice path that leads up to the spring through green gardens and perfect view points looking far into the valley.

(taken on Dec 10, 2016)

Oman - GOPR0285.JPG

Qurum beach

(taken on Dec 12, 2016)

Oman - GOPR1015.JPG

Desert trip with the staff from GUtech

(taken on Jan 7, 2017)

Oman - GOPR1099.JPG

I don't have the places name, but in a nutshell: it's a pretty deep crack. It was a crazy drive up there with several great view points.

(taken on Jan 12, 2017)

Oman - GOPR1218.JPG

Garden terraces

(taken here on Jan 13, 2017)

Oman - GOPR1229.JPG

Bani Habib - an old town next to a wadi

(taken here on Jan 13, 2017)